2021 Membership News Release 12-08-2020

Belleville Chamber of Commerce Membership News Release 12-08-2020

The following news release was distributed on behalf of the Chamber on Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Belleville, WI Chamber Offers Free 2021 Membership Option
Member businesses & non-profits, serving Belleville, will be listed on Chamber Web Directory!

By Rebecca Olson, Village of Belleville Economic Development & Chamber Liaison
rolson@villageofbelleville.com or call 608-424-3341 x-202

Belleville, WI – Most businesses and organizations are expected to have a Web presence, and many have their own Website. Others are listed in general online directories. Still, it can be a challenge to keep your business at the top of the local search list. It can be even more challenging for rural businesses that do not have access to the stable Internet connections needed, to make managing a Web presence sustainable.

The Belleville Chamber of Commerce will list member businesses serving our community, including farms and non-profit organizations, on their online, searchable Web directory – and those who sign-up right now do not need to pay a dime.

“We’ve all done it; searched online for a local business only to come up with listings from some larger community,” notes Becky Olson. Olson is the recently-hired Village of Belleville Economic Development & Marketing Specialist. Part of this role is to act as the Village Chamber Liaison – so she is also charged with supporting the Chamber leadership’s efforts to update its organizational structure and community offerings. “It makes good sense to put your locally owned business, farm or non-profit in a locally managed directory.”

She adds that businesses do not have to be physically located inside the Village boundaries to become a Chamber member. They do have to regularly serve residents and businesses in the greater Belleville area.  “Belleville is growing. We can direct both new and established families to a local directory, to find local services and employers. This is a great way to support our local businesses – and first, we need our local businesses to sign-up”

The Chamber Board recognizes this may be a difficult time for many of us. Thus, basic membership fees are optional. To be included in the 2021 directory, businesses and organizations must simply complete and return two forms;
1) 2021 Special Membership Sign-up Form
2) Member Information Form

Links to the forms may be found on the Membership Page of the Belleville Chamber of Commerce Website, www.belleville-wi.com.  

“Right now, we are asking businesses to print & complete both forms manually – if they are able. In the future, those with good Internet & technology capabilities will have the option to complete the forms online.”

Businesses or organizations that cannot print the forms for any reason, may request copies be mailed to them by calling Becky at Village Hall, 608-424-3341 (x-202), or email her at rolson@villageofbelleville.com.

Forms should be returned to Belleville Chamber of Commerce, PO Box 392, Belleville, WI 53508. After the forms are received, a directory listing will be created. It will include basic location and contact information for the business, including a single photo or logo if available. If the business has its own Website or social media page, a link to one of those will be included, too.

In addition to the listing on the Chamber’s online directory, those who sign-up for 2021 memberships will also be eligible to:

  • Post a single fundraising opportunity involving your business on the Chamber Facebook Page
  • Receive notification about cooperative grant opportunities with the Chamber
  • Be eligible to participate in chamber activities & programs
  • Be invited to participate in future marketing opportunities (some at low or no cost)
  • Attend the 2021 annual membership meeting
  • Vote for Chamber board and officers
  • Run for Chamber board and officer positions
  • Hold board-appointed Chamber Committee chair positions

Memberships will be valid through December 31, 2021.



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Belleville Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 379
Belleville, WI 53508


or contact the Village Chamber Liaison
Becky Olson
608-424-3341 (x-202)