Annual Membership Meeting 2017

February 28th, 2017
Schwoegler Sugar River Lanes

Call to order: 12:00, present, Keith Lehnherr (Treasurer), Mark Schwoegler (President), Christine Lade (VP), Bronna Lehman, Kami Andersen, Karin Henning, Corey Brozyna and Laura Vorpahl.

Elections (term of 2 years):

  • Mark Schwoegler will continue as President – approved
  • Christine Lade resigned as Vice President – Kami Andersen was nominated for Vice President - approved
  • Keith Lehnherr will continue as Treasurer for a period of 1 year or until replaced – approved
  • Melissa Anderson resigned as Secretary – Laura Vorpahl was nominated as Secretary - approved

Approve Treasurer’s report: balance is $3,037.66 approved. Keith will be working on a setting up a budget for the rest of the year. Proceeds of $300 made from the bar crawl. A donation of $1,000 will be made to the scholarship fund. Committee to be formed to review and approve applications.

Approve Secretary’s minutes: Secretary minutes will be presented for future meetings and posted to the website as quickly as possible.

Following today’s meeting is the 9-Pin Tap Tournament with proceeds going to the Chamber.

*** New Business:

Members: We have two new members – Corey Brozyna, Edward Jones and Laura Vorpahl, Old National Bank. Members information will be posted to the website.

Networking Event: April 13 location, food and time to be determined for this typically evening event. See if we can co-op with Monticello Chamber.

Garage Sale Weekend: First weekend in May – to be planned

Belleville Library: Village has approved purchase of old mill for future library site. Design meetings with community input will be held in March. Fundraising will happen soon after that – they need to raise $1m.

Business Seminar: There will be a business seminar held at the Library either May 16 or 23. Laura and Bronna are working on content (understanding demographics and/or website management)

UFO Days Parade: October – to be planned.

Driftless Explorer Magazine: Approved expenditure of $400 for ad and will attempt, with the help of Karin Henning, to get enough participation from area businesses to have our own full-page for Belleville in this publication. They are publishing 38,000 copies in May (inserted into 13 newspapers and placed in physical locations). Deadline for submissions is March 17th. Kami will follow up with Marian Viney on content to see if she can pull it from Community Guide write up (200 words). Will be billed in April with payment due in May.

Meetings: The Chamber board will continue to meet monthly and distributing the minutes of those meetings on the website and via email each month. In addition to that, there will be a Quarterly member meeting for the public to attend and members to attend.

Website updates done thru FACE Websites and Facebook page updates done thru Whitney Anderson

Adjourned 1:00 pm.