Board Members

On October 26, 2023, the previous board met and all remaining board members resigned effective at the close of that meeting. Before concluding their terms, they placed on the board Eric Muggenberg in the role of President and Rick Francois in the role of Member-at-Large. 

On November 16, 2023, this new board met and inducted Randy Gunter (VP/Secretary), Courtney Zahn (Treasurer), Katie Woehrle, and Dustine Marty to join them as new interim board members. 

The entire new board is serving in interim roles, working until the membership votes at the annual meeting in April and a new board will be put in place at that time. We assume that several (maybe all) of these interim board members will run for regular seats in April. 

The interim board is working to get all the paperwork done, get new members lined up, and hoping to even have an event or two before the annual meeting in April. Stay tuned!



Eric Muggenberg

Vice President

Randy Gunter


Randy Gunter


Courtney Zahn

Board of Directors

Member at Large

Rick Francois

Member at Large

Katie Woehrle

Member at Large

Dustine Marty