Membership Message for 2021

Thank you for your interest in the Belleville Chamber of Commerce! 
At this time, all membeships are just $100 for the Calendar year.

Please complete & return the 2021 Membership forms, along with you $100.00 membership fee, to the address list on the form. Your complete responses will help us organize programs and services that match your plans and locations.

The information you provide will also be used for your business directory listing on our Chamber Website, to share event or webinar offerings, and to simply to stay in touch. 

Individuals with an interest in Belleville's business community are welcome! Your name will be listed, along with other individuals, on the Individual Page, found through the member directory. 

All Members are eligible to attend the Annual Business Meeting each Spring, serve as a board member and/or committee chairs, and take advantage of low or no-cost marketing opportunities that are under development. 

Non-profit members, or for-profit members that engage in fundraising on behalf of a non-profit, may also received a single fundraising marketing post per business on the Chamber Facebook Page free of charge. 

If you have questions on the forms or business categories, you many contact the 
Village Chamber Liaison at
The Chamber is currently updating it's programs and services with the help of a Chamber Liason from the Village of Belleville Economic Development Office.
To learn more about this role, visit the "About" the Chamber Page.