Have you signed up to be a member? (That $1 fee for 2023-24?) If so, you can have a listing here as we rebuild the website. (Your patience is appreciated.)

Email us with how you want to be listed. We’re going to do both individual listings and company listings. Email us with the following info:


Name/occupation or title
Contact info that you want listed…email, phone, etc. (Please note, we’ll have the email as a link, not a listing. That way it is harder for bots to still the emails.)
Photo (1 MB limit)

Business entity:
Then the company/organization you represent. Same thing…

Name/type of business
Address, website, contact info, etc.
Logo (1 MB limit)

If you want just your individual listing, or just your business listing, that is fine. We’re allowing both for the one price. If you want several people from your company on the member list, you have to pay for each one. Likewise, if you have multiple businesses, they are paid for separately.